Towards a common language for systems praxis

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Towards a common language for systems praxis 

Team Leader(s): (INCOSE representatives, TBD)

There are many theories and approaches for recognizing and creating systems.  Systems praxis, as a human activity system, prescribes competencies and processes for organizing various technologies into responsive systems.  This activity, and particularly an instance called system engineering, is severely complicated, though, because of different system classes and types, and by the lack of a common language among the theories and practitioners.

This conversation stems from an ongoing project within the Systems Science Working Group of INCOSE, in association with ISSS. Participants will seek to clarify the attributes of a language that most interested parties could adopt and employ and that proves necessary and sufficient for collaboration, co-learning and co-evolving in the system praxis field.  Outcomes from this conversation may inform the design of a set of domain-oriented but interoperable ontologies that will markedly increase the coherence of knowledge exchange and choice-making, without constraining invention and innovation during Systems Praxis.


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