Topics for Additional Consideration

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As a brainstorming activity, Gary Metcalf and David Ing have been discussing some alternative themes for the IFSR Conversation scheduled for April 2012 in Austria.  This is list is a work in progress, and will evolve.

1. Science in the age of social media and Internet

Trigger question:

  • In the era of blogging and mass collaboration, how does science change and not change from the industrial age combination of higher education institutions and journal publications?

Sample references:

2. Underdevelopment: resilience, sustainability or regeneration

Trigger question:

  • Can systems theory help find ways out of poverty traps, with the knowledge on resilience, sustainability and/or regeneration?

Sample references:

3. System design methods, from practice to theory

Trigger question:

  • What can systems theory learn about the design of services, from knowledge that has been developed and largely adopted within communities of practice and industry standards groups?

Sample references:

4. Praxeology, the practice turn and systems theories

Trigger question:

  • How does the practice turn in philosophy change the way that we should think about systems theories?

Sample references:


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