2012/06 IFSR Conversation 2012 Themes

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The IFSR Conversations (historically, the Fuschl Conversations) have taken place every second year in Austria since 1982. This year the event will be held at the Sankt Madalena Seminar Hotel in Linz, Austria, from April 14-19, 2012.

Up to 30 participants take part in this conversation, divided into 4 or 5 teams, each devoted to a subtopic of the general theme of the Conversation.  Participation in a Conversation is by invitation of the IFSR, based on the anticipated contributions by professionals to the topics for that year.  Most costs for participants are covered by the IFSR, with the exception of travel and a 150 Euro registration fee.

The topics proposed for the 2102 Conversation can be found on the pages of this site.  If you would like to suggest an additional topic for consideration, or to nominate a participant (including yourself) who could contribute to one of the teams, please contact Gary Metcalf, President, IFSR (gmetcalf@interconnectionsllc.com) or Gerhard Chroust, Secretary General, IFSR (Gerhard.Chroust@jku.at).  We hope to have the topics and participants selected by the end of October, 2011, so that preparation between the team members can begin immediately afterwards.

Topics to-date (found on pages as numbered):

1. Revisiting the socio-ecological, social-technical and socio-psychological perspectives

2. Second order science:  an example of emergence in social systems

3. Systemic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Civilization

4. Towards a common language for systems praxis

About the Conversation:

A Conversation is a collectively guided disciplined inquiry and an exploration of issues of social/societal significance.  It is engaged by scholarly practitioners in self organized teams who select the theme for their work.  The conversation begins with a preparation phase that leads to an intensive interaction and learning phase, followed by findings and summary reports.  [Adapted from Bela H. Banathy’s Presentation to the ISI Conversation on Social Systems Design,  Asilomar conference, Asilomar, California,  November 1996]

Conversation events have also been sponsored for many years by the International Systems Institute at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California, and have been held in numerous other locations around the world.  Additional information, including the proceedings from past IFSR Conversations, can be found at: http://ifsr.org/node/33